“Hold up,” I hear you say, “What book are you talking about?”

Welp, I’ve been working on a book about software development for over a year now. I interviewed more than 50 software professionals, and squeezed (squoze?) helpful real-life lessons out of them.

My goal is for the book to help people who are just now starting out in software, as well as reigniting the fire for grizzled, world-weary coding veterans.

This book is taking so dang long mainly because it’s been tough to squeeze out some dedicated time to sit down and work on it, what with two lil’ kids and a full-time job.

But, whining aside, the book is nearing the finish line! I have a bunch of small updates to make regarding the interviewees, and also some polishing up to do, but I’d estimate it’s 90% done!

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