As great as it was to finally get the Data Dump book done and available as an ebook, it didn’t quite feel like The Real Thing™. Heck yeah, it was great to finally have this software development book published and available to the world, but it wasn’t tangible.

I had to ask myself, WWGD (What Would Gutenberg Do)? He’d print the dang book, that’s what! I slammed my fist onto my desk, resolute in my goal of printing this book. A portrait of Abraham Lincoln looked on, aloof and judgemental.

I mentioned awhile back that I’d started working with a book cover designer. We’d ended up with a book cover that worked great for digital books, but the design needed a bit more work before it was ready to be used as a paperback cover design, partially because paperback book covers have to be sized according to how wide the book is (how many pages long it is).

During a recent family road trip to Florida, I took my wife’s advice and tried out Fiverr. I ended up finding a professional graphic designer who went by the name of Rony. After sending him the design files and talking with him a bit, I sent him the order.

He was great to work with – super responsive, thorough, and professional. After a little bit of back-and-forth designs, we landed on the final one.

3D Data Dump book cover

After that, it was on to KDP (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing), where I navigated a few forms, uploaded my print-ready PDF courtesy of LeanPub, and ordered a test paperback to mi casa.

A day or so after we hosted Thanksgiving, a mysterious book-shaped package arrived. Eager hands a-tremblin’, I tore open the package, and held the world’s first paperback copy (rare collector’s edition) of Data Dump. Finally, a real book.

Data Dump paperback really exists

Head over here if you’d like to read more about the book.

If you’re interested in a paperback version of this book aimed at people just starting their software development journey, please check it out. And if you’d rather get the ebook version, that’s available here (with a 25% discount for PeckYeah readers!).

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