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A few years ago, an All Things Open talk entitled “How to Write Your First Tech Book” gave me the gumption to write the kind of book that I would’ve wanted to have when I first got into programming.

After tons of emails, interviews, coffee, writing, coffee, reviews, edits, coffee, and working with a cover designer, Data Dump: Insider Advice from Software Professionals, the book, is done and available!

Party parrot

When I first started writing the book, a veteran tech author gave me the sage advice, “Just plan on it taking 2x longer to complete than you expect!” And boy was he right.

Thanks a ton to everyone who took part in the interviews, and everyone who helped edit the book. It’s finally done! If you have any questions or feedback about the book, please reach out by email or on Twitter.

Por favor head over here to read more about the book! Or, you can just buy the book here and use the code “peckyeah25” to save 25%.