Heck yeah, we’re moving ever closer to the actual release of this book! 🙌

Since I finished getting the book into Leanpub and fixing the formatting, I’ve been busy with some other book-related things, in the few hours I can squeeze out between work and family.

I’ve updated the contact info of all the software people who appear in the book (over 50 of them!), and snazzed up the landing page for the book (head on over to that page if you want to be notified once it’s published!).

Besides all that, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and actually pay for some help with the book cover, instead of YOLOing my way to a homemade book cover design. A helpful reader of my previous post alerted me to a designer they know, and I’ve been working with him to come up with a book cover that’ll wow the publishing world, and no doubt lead to this book hitting the best seller list within weeks, if not days!

Once the book cover design’s complete, I should be all ready to pull the trigger, and release this handy software book out into the world🤞

So keep your eye out for that! That’s all for now…