We did it.

Welp, I did it. I’ve finished getting my book from Google Docs into Leanpub about a month after first diving into Leanpub, and have fixed the bucketful of formatting problems I ran into along the way (mainly mismatched footnotes and strange characters popping up).

Leanpub hasn’t been too bad to use! They have a ton o’ documentation, plus a pretty active message forum where people be trading tips n’ tricks. If you’re thinking of self-publishing, you could definitely do worse than Leanpub.

Next up for the book is for me to figure out the cover, update people’s mini biographies, and then spread the word, far and wide! Luckily I have a couple hours a week to devote to all this 😅

By the way, if you know someone who could help with the book cover or marketing, let me know! I’m definitely not an expert at either of those things, so any advice is welcome.